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By: David Roberge on September 8th, 2014

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Where Your Packaging Equipment Is Wasting Money Behind Your Back

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And Sadly Right In Front Of You! 


We are always trying to find ways to save money or make more of it. We work days on end as a human race to make more, to create more, to be more. Sometimes we miss the little things that are eating away at our dreams right from under our feet!  We've gathered a few items that are costing you more money than necessary and some ways to get you back on the right track. 


1- Maintenance Costs


Maintaining your packaging equipment is often very expensive. The older your packaging machinery gets, the more it will need to be maintained to keep it in good working order. If you buy a new piece of machinery however it can be depreciated, thus reducing corporate income. Reducing corporate income equals more money saved! 

2- Employee Morale


Workers get drained and frustrated when the packaging equipment they work with everyday goes down on them often. They cannot perform their jobs, lowering their drive to work as hard, thus lowering your company productivity. Keeping your machinery in top shape with preventative maintenance will keep your employees happier and working to get things done the right way! If you haven't had a PM done in a while, schedule it now and avoid any unexpected downtime! 

3- Customer Disappointment


When a machine is not running, it's placing On-Time Delivery in jeopardy. This can cause a trust issue with your customers, possibly driving them to another source to provide what they need. Keep those machines running right, or look into getting equipment that will prevent this from becoming an issue! 

4- Undependable Production Schedule


Lets give you a scenario: You need to package 60,000 items over a 5 day work week. You logically need to package 12,000 items each day. If you experience any unexpected downtime, you will still need to make that 12,000 each day PLUS the amount lost to reach goal. If not, you are facing #3 above. Plan ahead and get your preventative maintenance done now! If not, as mentioned above, lets look into packaging equipment that can make your numbers and keep you out of the red! 

5- Bringing Work Home

stressed out from bringing work home

Let's be honest here, NO ONE likes to bring their work home with them! Your friends and family certainly don't appreciate it either. If you are running into issues with your packaging equipment, you may be doing just that. Your significant other, your friends, your pet, and yourself are not looking forward to your stress being taken out at home. I don't have a license to give sound advice here, but I think the logical steps have been mentioned so far! This may or may not hurt your wallet, but its going to cost you something in the long run.

6-  Material/ Re-Work/ Time/ Damages


Re-work is a part of packaging, there is no easy way around it...yet. In the meantime, if your equipment is causing you A LOT of re-work, or damaging the product you are trying to package, you will save yourself TONS of money if you just move forward and get it checked out. It may be an unfixable situation and if so, it may be time to look into new packaging equipment. There are such great advancements out there but if you are worried about jumping into a brand new machine, look into refurbished equipment. Some refurbished machinery is just as good as new! The bottom line is you are already draining your wallet or your companies. All you have to do is add up the cost of each product damaged over a month period and multiply by 12. Watch how much that adds up for your yearly cost in damages and repair. You may be able to afford a new machine with that total!  

This does not cover all of the ways you could be losing blood in your money-veins, but it is meant to get you thinking outside the box. Take these matters into account with your current packaging lines and think about how they may be affecting you. There are ways around the issues, or ways out. Which direction do you want to go? 


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