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By: Nathan Dube on July 1st, 2021

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How Much Does A Point Of Purchase Display Cost? Rates & Factors

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After doing your due diligence and researching various ways to best market your products in a retail setting, you have decided that you want to buy a point of purchase display.


Or, maybe, you want to buy multiple POP displays so that you can show several different types of products to potential customers in various retail settings.


Either way, you know that POP displays are right for you. Now, you want to buy a point of purchase display. However, there is one problem.


You don't know how much a point of purchase display costs. Unfortunately, you have not been able to find this information at all.


Here at Industrial Packaging, we’re a multi-generational packaging company that has been selling POP displays for several decades.


In this article, we will walk you through the elements of pricing a point of purchase display for your business. With the information here, you will get a close approximation of the cost for your POP display.


price of point of purchase display


What Affects The Price Of A Point Of Purchase Display?


When planning to purchase a point of purchase display you will need to figure out a few things in advance. Below, we will explore the different elements that add or detract from the final cost of a point of purchase display.


Printing And Branding Of Your Pop Display


Your POP display can be branded with eye-catching aesthetics, pricing information, typography, images, photos, and other graphics. Some vendors will include these items in the purchase of a POP display, while others may charge you an additional fee.


The cost of printing for your POP display will be entirely dependent on one factor, the type of printing process.


There is no standard pricing for these items as they are extremely case-sensitive. If you want to get a printed POP display, you will need to work with a vendor to analyze your unique project's metrics to develop pricing for your display.


With that being said, a general rule of thumb is, the larger your pop display is, the more expensive it will be. This is particularly true if the whole display is printed with branding, marketing aesthetics, and information.

Point of purchase display


The Materials Your POP Display Is Made Of


Most point-of-purchase displays that you will see out in various retail spaces are most commonly made from corrugated cardboard. But, you can have a POP display custom-made from other materials including metal, plastic, and various other materials.


Pricing for non-corrugated custom point of purchase displays is highly case sensitive and will be entirely dependent on the length, width, depth, size, shape, and materials chosen. Therefore, pricing for highly customized displays would need to be calculated based upon the metrics above.


As a rule of thumb, corrugated POP displays will be cheaper than highly customized displays made from permanent materials such as metal.


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The Size Of Your POP Display


As the old saying goes, size matters. And, this is particularly true when you are trying to calculate the cost of a POP display. 


Generally speaking, standard corrugated point of purchase displays range from small to large. A small point of purchase display will, on average, hold about 30 products (commonly referred to as units). This size display will cost you around thirty dollars.


Large POP displays that can display several hundred products will cost around $100. There are various size and shape combinations between a small and large point of purchase display. Pricing for these different sizes will be dependent on the metrics of your POP display.


pop display


The Number Of Products On Your POP Display


The total cost of your point of purchase display will also be affected by the number of products that will be showcased on your display. While this is somewhat case sensitive, the average cost per product for goods sold on POP displays averages around $.50 per product.


Depending on the size of your products, a large point of purchase display may cost your company more than the next. For example, you may buy a full sized display, but, due to the size of your products, you can fit 300 products on the display.


So, 300 products charged at $.50 each = $150.


However, another company with larger items may only be able to fit 150 products on the same sized display. In this case, the second company will have a cheaper cost because they are paying half the cost for their product to be showcased.


Their cost calculation would be 150 products charged at $.50 each = $75.


point of purchase display cost calculating


How To Calculate The Cost Of Your Point Of Purchase Display


To figure out the cost for your POP display, you will need to do some simple math. First, let's look at a hypothetical POP design to see what calculating the price would look like.


One large standard corrugated cardboard POP display: $100.


300 products at $.50 each: $150


Custom digital printed branding aesthetics: $50


To calculate your cost for this POP display, all you have to do is add the three totals above, and then you will have your total cost for the project.


$100 + $150 + $50 = $300


Finding The Right Point Of Purchase Display


Now that you know how to calculate the cost of your POP display, you have everything you need to figure out the total cost of your project. Of course, by now, you should have everything you need to make a purchase. But, where should you buy your POP display from?


You can buy POP displays from packaging manufacturers or distributors. You can also purchase these displays from companies that exclusively make and sell point of purchase displays.


While we may or may not be the right vendor for your point of purchase display needs, we can assist you in finding the right vendor and display for your products. If you would like assistance, consider speaking to one of our packaging experts.


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