Understanding Business Pressures on Purchasers

online_purchaser-149456-editedIn our business, we get to spend a lot of time working with Purchasing Agents, Buyers, etc. Based on what we see, its a tough job. Here are some of the pressures that our customers are under. 

Reduce Cost

  • The pressure on companies exerted by their customers for cost reductions is relentless. This pressure filters down to every department, in every company. For the Purchasing Department, it's about reducing costs without sacrificing anything.  

Reduce Inventory

  • Inventory has significant costs. There is the cost of the space to store the product, the cost of the capital to finance the inventory, the cost of the insurance to insure the inventory, etc., etc.. A reduction in overall inventory reduces costs in many areas, while making additional floorspace available for other needs. 

Extended Terms

  • As your customers demand extended terms of payment, the pressure is on Purchasing to match the timing of your payables with the timing of your recievables. 

Lean Staffing

Unique Demands of Your Customers

  • Your customers want what they want, how they want it, and when they want it (NOW). Buyers are tasked with providing what your company needs to satisfy the customer.

Reduce Paperwork/ Handling

  • Given the forementioned reductions in staff and increased workloads, Buyers must embrace technologies that facilitate their jobs. These can include paperless operations, third-party hosting, centralized ordering, etc., etc.

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