constraints_blogUnderstanding that different businesses have different cost constraints and working to stay within those bounds to provide the best quality product, service, or equipment is what we do best.

All of our customers have cost constraints, and they generally fall into a few areas. The first, and most prevalent, is the pricing pressure from their customers. We have a specific approach to helping you with these pressures. 

Understanding Packaging Cost Components 

  • Cost Pressure From Your Customers 
    • No one has called us this week to tell us that they want to pay more for our product, and we know we won't get any of those calls (as much as we would like to). Therefore, as our base operating principle, we must help you remain competitive in your industry. 
  • Capital Equipment 
  • Packaging Material
    • The focus here is on appropriate specifications, new product technologies (think thin gauge shrink film), productivity capabilities, consistency of performance, and minimization of rejects that require repackaging.
  • Labor
    • Controlling labor is critical and can be impacted by equipment upgrades, material selections, technical service support, and in-depth line analysis

Understanding a Cost Constraint vs. a Cash Constraint

It is important to differentiate between these. A cost constraint is not being able to justify an additional machine. A cash constraint is being able to justify it, but not having the cash. We have ways to help

Understanding Your Priorities

  • Determining what is most important to you for running a healthy business
    • labor 
    • flexibility 
    • speed
    • productivity

Understanding Your Barriers

Working with a supplier that understands your business and your goals is paramount. Check out Industrial Packaging to see how we fit. 

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