How To Reduce Load Damage and Film Usage

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palleted products damaged during shipment

Do you know the ideal containment force for each of your different pallet loads? Are you seeing increases in reported load damage with your shipped goods, or maybe more damaged product than you would like? Have you been using more stretch film to wrap your loads than is necessary with your stretch wrapper?Understanding containment force and how to measure it will guide you in mastering your ideal wrap force, reducing both load damage and film usage.

Find your IDEAL containment force 

Containment force is the measure of how tightly your loads are wrapped on your pallets. There are tools available to measure the amount of force being used on each pallet load you wrap. To find yours, use a containment force tool to measure at the top, middle and bottom of your load. Oftentimes, you will not see the same amount of force being used at each point of measurement. The lowest number you see on a load that is shipping without issue should give you your ideal aim for load containment. 

Once you determine this, you can adjust your machines' wrap force and the revolutions (number of wraps) to match your ideal wrapping number.

There are several other factors in play to make the most of your stretch wrapper. If you are in our area, you can have our experienced Service Technicians come to you and help you save in film usage and optimize your stretch wrapper! 

Optimize My Pallet Wrapper

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