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By: David Roberge on February 25th, 2015

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The Skin (Packaging) You're In

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The 3 Applications for Skin Packaging 

The_Skin_Youre_In_Blog_PicWhen choosing the ideal packaging for your product, it's good to know the type of packaging you think you want. It's better to know the types of that packaging that are available. When it comes to skin packaging, we can break it down into three sub-categories, with different characteristics to best fit the application. 

Retail Display

Retail display skin is self-explanatory. This is ideal for displaying products for consumer purchase. Retail skin beautifully displays and completely unitizes your product. The consumer can feel the product through the packaging since skin packaging utilizes the product as its mold, and the film forms to the product. Retail skin is also hangable, either by a hook notched into the board or a hole punch. Full graphics are available for this type of packaging. 

Industrial Skin Packaging

This type of skin utilizes industrial strength film and corrugated material to protect your product during shipment. Industrial skin packaging, with its enhanced strength and durability offers a replacement for foam peanuts, additional corrugated, or dunnage. It also significantly reduces packaging costs and shipping damage, as well as increasing productivity (throughput).

Spare Parts/ Assembly Kits

Another rather self explanatory category of skin, but important nonetheless. Basically, a pre-printed paperboard can be used that identifies individual parts and can serve as a loading template. If your customer takse an item out, the printed board will act as their reminder to re-order that specific part. The printed information on the board, such as a part number, simplifies re-ordering. This type of skin also allows your customers ease of assembly, coinciding with instructions and part numbers or drawings. 

What type of product are you packaging? What skin would you feel most confident in? We can help you either select the most appropriate for your needs, or design a better alternative. Send us your product, we will evaluate and sample package them for you.

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