Video Blog: Food Safety, Documentation and GMP with Your Supply Chain

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When you are working with a co-packer or outsourcing a portion of your production with a Supply Chain Services Provider like us, its important to know you are working with a safety-oriented, regulatory-compliant company. Here are some of the ways we ensure your product is safe throughout the supply chain in our hands.

Food Safety and Documentation Video Blogs

Food Safety

Food safety is making sure that nobody gets sick when they eat or consume our products. We understand that what we do can change someone's life in a negative way, so we take food safety very seriously.

We have 145,000 square feet that is AIB certified. AIB stands for the American Institute of Bakers. They come in twice a year and do unannounced audits to make sure that we are following the proper procedures to make our food compliant with FDA regulations.The FDA also regularly inspects our facility to make sure we are holding ourselves to the utmost standards.

We also have a full-time compliance group that regularly inspects our processes to make sure we are compliant with all regulatory guidelines.


Food safety compliance has a lot to do with record keeping and documentation. We often go through our records, edit, and update them to make sure they follow the strict FDA guidelines. 

This year, FSMA was launched, the Food Safety Modernization Act. Within that came a gamut of new guidelines that food manufacturers have got to follow. We took it upon ourselves to become FSMA compliant with the new guidelines a full one and a half years before the FDA demanded it.


Good Manufacturing Practices

We hold regular GMP compliance meetings with all of our temporary staff and full-time staff. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. These meetings are held weekly to makes sure everyone is current on what we are trying to work for. 

If you want to learn more about the services we can provide for your company, or are looking to work with a fully compliant Supply Chain Services provider who will keep you ahead of the game, get in touch with our Packaging Pro's today

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