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By: Nathan Dube on July 6th, 2021

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What Are Heat Sealable Films? Applications And Uses

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Maybe you have been using traditional shrink films on your packaging line for a while now, but you have a new product that requires a film with better heat resistance.


Or, perhaps you are a start-up looking to package a product that requires high heat resistance and is looking for the proper material to package these items.


Regardless of your current situation, you have seen "heat sealable films" when searching online for the right solution. And, you want to know what these materials are. In addition, you are curious if heat sealable films are the right packaging solution for your products, but you don't fully understand these materials yet.


Industrial Packaging has been consulting on the proper shrink films for countless companies for generations. And, we know everything you need to know to decide if heat sealable films are the correct packaging solution for your products.


This article will explain what heat sealable films are, which products they are appropriate for, and the typical packaging applications for these types of flexible films. With the information in this article, you will be able to figure out if these films are suitable for your products.


What Are Heat Sealable Films?


Heat sealable films are specialty multi-layered shrink films that are used for packaging products which require higher heat levels than traditional flexible films.


These films are made with an exterior coating that inhibits the core of the film from melting. This prevents damage to the film during the heating process. Generally speaking, the core is either polypropylene or polyethylene.


Additionally, there is a layer of sealant inside the film. This sealant features a lower melting point than the rest of the film and allows the seal to stay intact. This results in a tightly sealed final product.


heat sealable fim


If you need to package confidential or highly private items, an ultra-intense heat seal is utilized to ensure that the seal bonds tightly and stays together. This seal prevents the ability to see the confidential material. In this respect, the seal will be superior to those of traditional shrink films.


Generally speaking, heat sealable films are custom made to order for whatever the product is. Heat sealable films are available in a wide variety of laminations and are customized to fit the heating requirements of the product being packaged.



What Applications Are Heat Sealable Films Used For?


Common applications for heat sealable films include the following items.


  • Snack Food Packaging - This may include flexible packaging with see-through heat sealable film windows and bagging for dried fruits and vegetables, granola bars, and similar products.

  • Ovenable Heat Sealable Films And Bagging For Roasting And Cooking - These include applications such as pre-made frozen meals, which can be placed directly into the oven or microwave for hassle-free meal prep and cooking.

  • Lidding - Lidding films are usually utilized as an additional protective packaging layer between the product and the cap of plastic food containers. These films are used for packaging food items such as soups, beef, poultry, pork and dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese.

  • Tubing - Heat-sealable tubing is a flat plastic tubing that is formed onto a roll. Heat sealable tubing is often cut into sleeves. These sleeves are known as shrink sleeves. The sleeves are what's actually used for packaging products. Heat sealable tubing is used for packaging various consumer goods. These may include plastic or glass bottles, flag poles, fishing rods, and other similar items.

  • Protection And Reinforcement For Glass Surfaces - Heat sealable films can be used to laminate glass to reinforce the strength of the glass and protect it's surface.

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Who Uses Heat Sealable Films?


For the most part, heat-sealable films are used by the same types of companies using shrink film to package their products. However, if the application requires high heat resistance (for example, ovenable films), heat sealable films are used in place of traditional shrink films.


Companies who use heat sealable films include any company packaging products as listed in the applications in the section above.


Where Can You Learn More About Heat Sealable Films?


Now that you know what heat sealable films are and have a basic understanding of the uses and applications for this material, would you like to learn more?


If you are interested in ovenable heat sealable films, you will want to read this sister article, What Are Ovenable Food Packaging Films? Uses And Applications. With the information in this article, you will gain a deeper understanding of ovenable heat-sealable films.


If you want to learn more about the other types of heat-sealable films, consider reaching out to one of our packaging experts. They will be able to answer any questions you have about the different kinds of heat sealable films and their applications.


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