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Dan Westerlind, Production Manager

Production Manager for our Supply Chain Services Division in Webster, MA. Sharing my perspective as a Production Manager at a busy packaging facility. Always playing Tetris to satisfy customer demand. I enjoy as much family time as I can get.

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Plant Performance

By: Dan Westerlind, Production Manager
November 17th, 2020

One problem a customer of ours was having recently was that their demand exceeded what we were able to produce on our production lines as they stood. The client is a snack food company, and we were having trouble keeping up with demand for packaging and distributing their products. The clients volume was already up over 20% for the year, so how would we be able to deliver? This may be a problem you have to face at some point in your business. To succeed and provide for your customer, there are some key areas to review to achieve the desired results. Here are four of the ways you can satisfy your customer demand with a cohesive, company-wide hands-on project.

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The Business of Packaging | Supply Chain Services/ Contract Packaging | Plant Performance

By: Dan Westerlind, Production Manager
February 25th, 2016

Where Do You Focus to Keep Overtime Down? Overtime on your production floor is one of the fastest ways to lose the profits you are working hard to gain. Working with a Supply Chain Services provider that knows your schedule can help you stay in the green and ahead of customer demand.