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By: Steve McQueen, Service Technician
January 26th, 2021

So, you are thinking of buying some new shrink packaging machinery? And, you are doing all the required research beforehand. Perhaps you have actually been to this blog before. Or, maybe you have read about spare parts kits elsewhere, and your journey has brought you here as a result. These kits are an additional item when purchasing a machine that many buyers do not consider. In many cases, buyers might not even know that such a kit is an option. However, forgoing this additional option can be costly. Are you buying a new shrink wrap packaging machine? If you do not buy a kit, you are setting yourself up for a host of serious problems. Most notably, short or extended periods of unexpected downtime. Downtime equates to lost dollars, time, and productivity. Downtime is the bane of any company attempting to be efficient, optimized, and zoned into success. Any instance of downtime is the most unwelcome guest for any company. Especially companies trying to run a world-class packaging line. Industrial Packaging has been offering these kits as an option for our shrink wrap machine buyers over the years. We always suggest buying at least one kit for all our packaging machinery clients. This article will explore why you should buy one or more kits for your shrink wrap systems. We will explain why they are a requirement for packaging machinery purchases. For instance, say your machine goes down. And, you have no parts on hand. How long will you have to wait to get the replacement parts? In this case, a spare parts kit increases the likelihood that you will not have severe downtime. The spare parts that a vendor has determined necessary should be on hand. This is due to the frequency at which parts need to be replaced. It should be noted, no major or severe downtime is going to be alleviated by a kit. That is of course unless it contains the parts that need to be replaced. Ask your vendor which parts they feel should be included in the kit.