Benefits Of A Spare Parts Kit For Your Shrink Packaging Machinery

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So, you are thinking of buying some new shrink packaging machinery? And, you are doing all the required research beforehand. Perhaps you have actually been to this blog before. Or, maybe you have read about spare parts kits elsewhere, and your journey has brought you here as a result.


These kits are an additional item when purchasing a machine that many buyers do not consider. In many cases, buyers might not even know that such a kit is an option. However, forgoing this additional option can be costly.


Are you buying a new shrink wrap packaging machine? If you do not buy a kit, you are setting yourself up for a host of serious problems. Most notably, short or extended periods of unexpected downtime.


Downtime equates to lost dollars, time, and productivity. Downtime is the bane of any company attempting to be efficient, optimized, and zoned into success. Any instance of downtime is the most unwelcome guest for any company. Especially companies trying to run a world-class packaging line.


Industrial Packaging has been offering these kits as an option for our shrink wrap machine buyers over the years. We always suggest buying at least one kit for all our packaging machinery clients.


This article will explore why you should buy one or more kits for your shrink wrap systems. We will explain why they are a requirement for packaging machinery purchases. For instance, say your machine goes down. And, you have no parts on hand. How long will you have to wait to get the replacement parts?


In this case, a spare parts kit increases the likelihood that you will not have severe downtime. The spare parts that a vendor has determined necessary should be on hand. This is due to the frequency at which parts need to be replaced.


It should be noted, no major or severe downtime is going to be alleviated by a kit. That is of course unless it contains the parts that need to be replaced. Ask your vendor which parts they feel should be included in the kit.


Eliminate Long Lead Times For Shrink Packaging Machinery Parts


Lead times are the bane of uptime. This is true in manufacturing and production, especially if you aren't planning ahead. From order to delivery, this time-frame can impact your ability to meet your goals and demand. Lead time issues ring particularly true if you are buying parts from overseas.


packaging machinery parts: lead times and risk


But, physical distance is not the only thing that affects the lead times. Issues with the manufacturer can disrupt the supply chain. And, this may result in more prolonged and excessive lead times.


Buying a kit with your new shrink wrappers and related equipment is an excellent way to avoid issues. Should your machinery go down due to parts issues, having a kit on hand will help. They can help to eliminate the lead times for getting the required parts.


You may need to hire external technical support for the repairs. So, having these parts on hand for them will only get your production back online faster. Most kits will have all the main parts that typically fail, but they may not contain them all.


It's essential to understand what parts come with your kit. You must also understand which parts are most often in need of replacement.


Avoiding Excessive Downtime For Your Shrink Packaging Machinery


Should you choose to forgo buying one of these kits, you will likely run into unwanted issues. At the very least, you will increase the probability of extended downtime!


packaging machinery downtime repairs


By choosing to buy a kit for every piece of packaging equipment on your line, you may be able to avoid downtime. When a machine does need repairs, you may already have the necessary parts on hand. So, you won't have to shut down for very long.


It should be noted however, that you won't always have the necessary parts. You may have the parts that generally break or wear down. But, if the part you need is not in the kit you purchased, you will have to order it and may still incur downtime.


Suppose you do not order one of these kits with your packaging machinery. And, various factors that lead to the need for a replacement part occur. In that case, you could end up waiting days, weeks, or even months depending upon the kits' availability.


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Be Wary Of Buying Packaging Machinery From Vendors Who Don’t Offer Spare Parts Kits


One of the first things you should ask your machinery vendor is, can you supply spare parts kits? If the answer is no, you will not want to buy machinery from this vendor.


The inability to supply the kits means that the items are currently unavailable. When that happens, there is no telling how long it will take before the availability of the kits return.


This can happen with these kits at any time. So, you will want to be sure to buy from a vendor who can provide the kits with the machinery's purchase. In doing so, you are setting yourself up for success when parts are needed.


What Spare Parts Should I Get For My Shrink Packaging Equipment?


You have purchased new packaging equipment. Or, more likely, you have had the equipment for a while. And, something broke or wore out. Now, you realize you didn't have any spare parts.


At this point, you are looking at the equipment and wondering, "what should I get for spare parts? What should be in my kit?" Don't feel alone. These are questions most everyone has asked. We are here to try and help, but unfortunately, it's not as cut and dry as you might think.


building spare parts kit


Several factors are up for consideration. First, of course, is what type of machine you have, and which options are available. For example, does your shrink tunnel have live rollers or a teflon mesh belt? Does your sealer have hot wires or a hot knife? How much downtime are you willing to give up versus how much money and space you want to be tied up in spare parts?


Below we have created a list of possible spare parts for a generic shrink tunnel and L-sealer. To the left of each item, you will see a number representing the level of need for the part. "1" would be the most needed parts, usually considered consumables. "4" is probably the least likely thing to fail. But, it might be something you consider if you can't afford any downtime.


Recommended Spare Parts Kit For A Shrink Tunnel




Looking at the list above, you can see that High Temp Lube is listed as a "1", or 'high priority' part. This rating is due to tunnels with live/dead rollers requiring that the chains be lubricated regularly. Motors are listed as a lower priority item, at a "4", because they usually last several years. Can they fail prematurely? Of course they can. However, it is unlikely. It would be a good idea to include all the parts above in your kit.


Recommended Spare Parts Kit For An L-Bar Sealer



The list above represents the parts that we would recommend buying. Of course, every machine is different. And, each brand's makes and models will have other options.


You will want to speak with a sales rep or packaging machinery technician. They will help you assemble the appropriate kit for your packaging machinery.


What's Next For Your Shrink Machinery?


Now, you've got everything you need to keep your shrink packaging production running! What do you do from here? I recommend checking in with your parts department. Make sure you have all the items needed for the shrink machinery you have.


Next, you should think about your preventative maintenance! When was the last time you performed any maintenance to keep your machines in tip-top shape?


If you do this in house, make sure you have a regular schedule for planned downtime. Do you outsource your maintenance? If so, I HIGHLY recommend scheduling a regular preventative maintenance program.


Don't let your machinery be the cause of unexpected downtime. Stay on top of your machines with the spare parts ready to go. Also, have regularly scheduled maintenance available.


If you are buying shrink or any other packaging machinery in the future, this is the ultimate guide to investing with all the know-how you need!


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