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By: Nathan Dube on July 19th, 2022

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Why You Should Buy Packaging Now

If you are thinking about when you should buy packaging, the answer is yesterday. Now, unless you have a delorean, telephone booth, police box, or some other form of time machine, I understand that is rather impossible.


Still, that does not change the fact that if you need packaging in the next month... No wait; if you need packaging by year's end, you should purchase today or as soon as possible otherwise.


Now, before you accuse me of being all "salesy," please allow me to explain why you must consider ordering your packaging today if you want to have it on time, or in some cases, at all.


There are many reasons why waiting until the last minute to order the packaging machinery or materials you need is a bad idea.


And when I say a bad idea, I mean a very costly one that could very well lead to wasted time and money and many unwanted headaches.


From insane lead times going beyond 12 months to low or no availability of certain packaging supplies due to national raw materials shortages, there are many good reasons to buy as soon as possible.


But what other reasons should you consider for buying today? Are the materials or machinery that you need currently showing long lead times and low availability? What can you do to ensure you have the packaging supplies and equipment you need when you need them?


In this article, we will answer all of the questions above. And we will provide you with important information and tactics for buying packaging in today's climate.


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Why Buy Packaging Now?


Due to the ongoing problems with the global supply chain that are being compounded by various issues, including labor shortages, trucker shortages, raw material shortages, international conflict, and various other problems, buying the packaging you need next week, next month, and in some cases, next year should be completed today.


I know that may seem like a bold claim coming from a packaging company. You would be forgiven for assuming such a suggestion is little more than some sketchy marketing ploy.


But it's not. There are many good reasons to buy whatever packaging materials you need in the next six to twelve months today.


In the section below, we will review each of these reasons and explain why waiting to purchase the packaging materials or machinery you need during that time frame may prevent you from getting your supplies and equipment when you need them.


What Is Causing The Need To Buy Packaging In Advance?


From the COVID pandemic to the war in Ukraine, many black swan events have taken place over the past couple of years, making it hard to source packaging materials and machinery.


In many cases, even if the packaging equipment and supplies you need are available, extensive lead times may prevent you from getting what you need when you need it.


That is why it is essential to buy the packaging materials and machinery that you need in the coming months now rather than tomorrow. Unless, of course, you do not mind getting your packaging orders weeks or even months late.


But what are the factors that are driving the need to buy now? We take a deeper dive into these items below.


1. Packaging Availability


First and foremost is the availability of the packaging machinery or materials you need. With so many raw material shortages going on in the world, many types of packaging materials and machinery currently have low or no availability.


With low availability and high demand, prices for many types of packaging materials and machinery will continue to increase. By purchasing what you need for the future now, you can avoid paying higher prices in the future.


But how do you know what the availability of the packaging materials and machinery that you need is currently?


If you need a specific packaging machine or material, it is imperative that you speak with a packaging expert.


They will be able to tell you the current availability of the items you need. If the current availability is zero, you may need to find an alternative item for your needs.


Suppose the current availability is low and the lead times from zero inventory to "in stock" is an extended period. In that case, you will want to seriously consider buying today.


If you do not, you may not have access to the items you need when you need them. So, it is better to buy sooner than later and have what you need when you need it than to wait and not have access to it when you do.


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2. Lead Times For Packaging


In today's market, we are seeing some of the most unprecedented lead times of our age. While some machinery and materials have relatively normal lead times, many items have lead times over seven weeks and, in some cases, in excess of thirteen months.


It would help if you spoke with a packaging expert to determine the lead times for the packaging machinery or materials you need.


You will want to tell them when you need them and adjust when you purchase the items based on their feedback to ensure that you get what you need when you need it.


Ignoring any extensive lead times for any packaging equipment or supplies will likely result in you not having the items you need when you need them most.


Before You Buy Packaging


With the information above, you should understand why you need to buy packaging sooner than later.


But, before you make a purchase, you need to answer multiple questions about the packaging machinery or materials that you need. So, you will want to answer these questions as soon as possible to make a purchase as quickly as required.


Below we have linked three articles with all of the questions you need to answer before attempting to make a packaging purchase.


To save both time and money during the packaging purchasing process, please read all of these articles before buying packaging materials or machinery.


  1. Questions For Buying Packaging Machinery Or Materials

  2. Questions To Answer Before You Buy Packaging Materials And Machinery

  3. First Time Packaging Buyer's Guide


Once you have answered all of the questions in the articles linked above, you will be ready to purchase whatever packaging machinery or materials you need to keep your business running as needed.


Are You Looking To Buy Packaging?


With the information in this article, you should have everything you need to understand why you will want to purchase certain packaging materials and machinery sooner than later.


But, you are probably wondering, where can you buy the packaging machinery and materials that you need?


Suppose you are interested in getting a quote for a specific packaging material or machinery type. In that case, you will want to consider speaking with one of our in-house packaging experts.


They will be able to answer any additional questions and help you purchase the packaging equipment and supplies you need in the time frame that you must buy them to ensure you receive said items on time.


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