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By: Nathan Dube on September 2nd, 2021

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How To Calculate The Cost And Volume Of Your Strapping Materials

Perhaps you are an established company looking for the appropriate packaging materials for your products.


Then again, maybe you are new to product packaging altogether and are searching for the proper materials for your packaging line. After reviewing your options, you have concluded that you would like to use strapping material, also known as banding.


But, you are not sure how much strapping you need for your current packaging requirements. You could buy a batch in bulk, but you do not want to order too much.


You are trying to determine the exact amount of strapping required for your current packaging projects and how much it will cost you. However, you do not know how to calculate your required volume of strapping materials.


Don't feel bad. This is a common problem for many companies.


During Industrial Packaging's multi-decade tenure in the packaging industry, we have learned everything about strapping material. And, we know how to calculate the amount of strapping needed for any size packaging project.


This article will explain how to determine how much strapping you need for your product packaging. With the information here, you will know how to buy the right amount of strapping material for your packaging requirements. You will also be able to calculate the cost for your required volume of strapping.


How To Calculate Your Required Volume Of Strapping Material


When calculating how much strapping material you need for your packaging, there are several things you need to figure out. These items include the type of strapping required for your products, the width of your chosen strapping, and the length of strapping required to complete the job.




Identify Your Required Strapping Material


First, you need to figure out which type of strapping is the correct material for your packaging needs. Generally speaking, there are three main types of strapping material. These include polypropylene strapping, polyester strapping, and steel strapping.


Unless you are packaging ultra heavy products such as industrial equipment and construction materials, you will use polypropylene strapping or polyester strapping.


Most strapping machines will use polypropylene. However, polyester is more robust and usually applied by hand with a hand strapper (also known as a tensioner).


It should be noted that printed strapping is also available. Printed strapping can be branded with product information, warnings, and additional content. In this respect, printed strapping may act as a form of protective packaging.


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Measure Your Required Strapping Length


Next, you need to figure out how you want to strap your package.


In most cases, it is recommended to use a 3/8" strap. This gives you a good bang for your buck at 12,900' per coil and will work on most applications.


Using your box/bundle measurements, figure out which way you want to strap the box and add up those figures to determine the length of each strap.


strapped-box | Industrial Packaging Strapping Materials


Divide Your Total Coil Length By The Required Strapping Per Box Length


Let's say you are using 2 straps for the length of your box and 2 straps for the width of your box. Your box is 5" high and 9" across. That would be 28" total; leave a little play to make it 30" per box. Take your 12,900' / 30" = 430 boxes.


Now you have the ability to calculate the volume of strapping that will be required to strap the number of boxes you need to strap.


How To Calculate The Cost Of Your Strapping Material


Finally, use the information above to calculate the cost for the amount of strapping required to complete your packaging project.


For example, let's say that you need to package 8,600 of the boxes mentioned in the section above. With 12,900' of 3/8" strapping being required to package 430 of your boxes, you will need 20 coils of strapping.


One 12,900' foot roll of 3/8" strapping = 430 boxes strapped.

8,600 / 430 = 20 coils of strapping.


Let's say the vendor you have chosen charges $72 per coil of strapping.


20 coils of strapping x $72 = $1,440.


Now you know how much strapping you need and what the cost of your required volume of strapping materials will be.


Which Type Of Strapping Is Right For Your Business?


With the information in this article, you now have everything you need to calculate your required strapping volume and how much it will cost you. But, which type of strapping material is right for your products?


Suppose you would like to understand which type of strapping material best suits your packaging needs. In that case, you will want to consider reading this companion article, The Top 3 Types Of Strapping Material And Their Uses.


With the information in the article above, you will have everything you need to make a strapping materials purchase.


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