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By: Nathan Dube on July 7th, 2020

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Why Routine Maintenance Is Critical For Packaging Machinery & Materials

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You may own the very best packaging machinery. You may even be running the highest quality materials on those machines. However, if you do not have excellent service for machinery repair and materials sourcing, you will end up with unwanted downtime.


There are many variables to consider when running a top-notch packaging line: cost of goods, electrical supply, gasses, and air needs, space requirements, and the list goes on and on. One of the essential elements of a professional and successful packaging line is your access to outstanding service.


As a machinery and materials service provider with thousands of happy customers, Industrial Packaging knows just how important service is to a world-class packaging line. In this article, we will discuss the importance of service and why at the end of the day, service is KING!


The Importance Of Packaging Machinery And Materials Cost


When it comes to your packaging line, cost is a critical aspect of your business to consider. Packaging machinery is often a significant investment.


You must make sure that your machinery and materials work for you and result in the desired profits. This won’t happen without being carefully watched and tracked to ensure the desired profitability.


Calculating the return on investment for your packaging line and each piece of machinery on the line is an absolute must. By breaking down the cost of your equipment and materials, you will be positioned to translate those investments to profit.


When you have a solid grip on these elements of your business, you will be able to maximize your KPIs and production capabilities. This will ensure that the funds you invest in your packaging machinery and materials generate the ROI you want.


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The Importance Of Quality In Packaging


Using the best quality machinery and materials will almost always result in the best final product, but variables such as budget do not always allow for it. When possible, choosing the highest quality packaging equipment and materials is recommended.


However, "the best" can mean different things to different companies, and those differences are essential to understand. When searching for "the best" packaging machinery, you have to ask yourself, what "best" are you looking for?


  • Best delivered cost?
  • Best in terms of price?
  • Best overall quality?
  • Best in terms of speed?
  • Best in life expectancy?
  • Best in ease of repair?
  • Best in cost to run?
  • Best in material capabilities?


These are a few of the factors that you will want to consider when choosing your packaging equipment. What may be "the best" packaging machinery for one company may not be for the next. That is why it is crucial to contact packaging experts from several companies to get information about your specific application's best machinery.


Using quality materials and machinery also often lends itself to producing packaging that is both impressive to the consumer and a viable way to build a positive impression of your brand.


If you cannot use the best quality packaging machinery and materials, you can start by sourcing at least a few higher quality materials and upgrading each part of your packaging line as your profit margins allow.


By keeping a close eye on your key performance indicators and tweaking things where you can, you will be able to introduce quality to various parts of your packaging line over time. After a while, you should offer the high quality you wish to provide to your customers.

Some KPIs to keep a close eye on include but are not limited to:


  •  Reportable Health & Safety Incidents
  •  Quality
  •  Standard Operating Efficiency
  •  Unscheduled Down Time
  •  Rework


Why Routine Service Is KING In Packaging


Both cost and quality are important factors in running an excellent, efficient, and profitable packaging line. But at the end of the day, service is the most important variable!


Why? You can have the most excellent materials on industry best machinery with the most talented and dedicated packaging machinery operators in the world and still suffer downtime.


This is even possible with an epic fully automated, top of the line, super high-production packaging line. Without quality service, you risk potentially severe losses due to unexpected downtime.


Whether you have a full time, 24-7 in-house service/maintenance team or an outsourced third party packaging machinery repair vendor, there is nothing more important to ensure an outstanding packaging line than a robust and experienced service provider.


And that goes for both machinery AND materials. From common problems with shrink film to everyday issues with stretch wrapping, material issues can bring your packaging line to a grinding halt.


Additionally, to continue running your machinery, you must have regular preventative maintenance. You will also require a fast response to emergency repair requirements as well as instances of unexpected downtime.


How To Source Preventative Maintenance For Your Packaging Line


When you are thinking about getting a preventative maintenance plan for your packaging line, you have a couple of different options. These include:


  •  Hiring a full-time service technician for your company.
  •  Contracting a service provider to do routine service and emergency repair.
  •  Pay retail for service and repair calls as they happen.


If you are not sure which option is right for you, you will want to consider having a packaging professional do a free analysis of your packaging line. This will allow them to collect data and other important information about your current machinery, products, machine operators, and volume of packaging done daily.


With this information in hand, they will help guide you in making the best choice in preventative maintenance, service, and emergency repairs based on your specific needs.


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