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By: Nathan Dube on November 18th, 2021

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What Is Printed Bundling Film? Benefits And Beyond

Bundling film is a great way to unitize products, prevent tearing and puncture to your packaging material and make it easier for your customers to carry multi-packs.


Bundling film's ease of use for consumers has made it a popular packaging material for beverage, food, and other industries that unitize their products with this substrate.


But, when you bring printed bundling film into the mix, it is a whole other ball game! Not only does printed bundling film help you market your products better, but it is also far more eye-catching to the consumer!


But what exactly are the benefits that printed bundling film has for your business? And more importantly, what exactly is printed bundling film? Well, that is what we are going to talk about in today's article!


As a multi-generational flexible packaging company, we have been helping companies choose the best flexible films for their business for a very long time. We help our clients to understand which films will be most beneficial for their brand.


And that is something we can do for you as well!


After reading this article, you will understand what printed bundling film is and what the benefits of this material will be for your business and product marketing endeavors!


printed bundling film


What Is Printed Bundling Film?


Printed bundling film is bundling film that has been printed with full-color graphics, typography, product information, handling instructions, ingredients, or other info about the products contained within the package.


But, what exactly is bundling film?


bundling film


Bundling film is a higher gauged shrink film that is created from various layers of plastic. This type of flexible packaging film is generally used for packaging heavier items such as bottles of water. It is a fantastic material for unitizing products that require a higher strength film than regular shrink film.


Uses For Printed Bundling Film 


Printed bundling film is used extensively for the formation of multi-packs of consumer products. But before we go any further, we have to answer one question.


What Is A Multi-Pack?




A multi-pack is a bundle of consumer goods that are packaged together as a value item. The products in a multi-pack are bought in a collection by the consumer. As such, when consumers buy these bundled items in bulk, they pay less than what they would have if they purchased each item separately.


This alone makes multi-packs super popular with the everyday consumer. But that is not the only reason that buyers love these bundles.


So what are some of the other reasons that your customers will love buying your multi-packs? First off, they are a lot easier to purchase and carry when compared to buying and transporting singles of any item.


And, the lower cost motivates the buyer to pick your products over those of your competitors who only offer singles. More products grabbed and gone mean more products sold!


What Is Another Use For Printed Bundling Film?


As for the other uses of printed bundling film, these applications may include creating bundles of products that would never be sold as single items in the first place.


For example, printed bundling film (which, as previously mentioned, is a form of shrink film) is also commonly employed by logging companies. 


Loggers and other land management companies who do forestry work will often cut a portion of their logs into pieces of firewood. One of the most common ways to package firewood is with printed bundling film.


Want to learn more about the different types of shrink film?

Show Me The Complete Guide To Shrink Film!


Who Uses Printed Bundling Film?


As printed bundling film continues to wow consumers across the country and, by extension, the world, countless companies are hopping on the bandwagon of using this flexible packaging film.


But, who really uses this material? Many businesses, in fact! Printed bundling film is popular with food and beverage manufacturers, makers of cleaning supplies and chemicals, consumer goods manufacturing companies, and, as we mentioned, producers of firewood.


You can find everything from bottled beverages, canned foods, boxed foods, soaps, detergents, and other consumer products bundled in printed bundling film!


Is Printed Bundling Film Right For Your Products?


To decide if printed bundling film is the right type of flexible packaging film for your packaging needs, you have to answer a few questions.


  • Do you want to feature eye-catching graphics and typography on your packaging that entices consumers to buy? - If you said yes, printed bundling film may be right for you!


  • Are you looking to eliminate plastic packaging? - If so, printed bundling film is not appropriate for your packaging line.


  • Do you want to make it easier for your customers to purchase items in bulk? - If the answer to that question is yes, printed bundling film is a perfect choice for your needs.


  • Do you require a clear packaging film with no imagery on the outside? - If you said yes, printed bundling film is not the right choice.


  • Do you want a packaging film that makes it easier for your customers to carry multi-packs? - If the answer is yes, then printed bundling film is a great option!

Where Can You Learn More About Shrink Films?


With the information above, you should have everything you need to decide if printed bundling film is the correct type of shrink film for your packaging requirements.


If it is the right shrink film for you, and you would like to get pricing, feel free to contact one of our packaging specialists.


They will be able to give you exact pricing for your specific volume of printed bundling film based upon the amount of products you are looking to package.


On the other hand, if you are unsure if this is the correct type of shrink film for your product packaging needs and would like to learn about the other shrink film options available to you, click the link below for our free complete guide to shrink film!


With the information in this guide, you will have everything you need to choose the correct type of film for your specific packaging applications.


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