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By: Nathan Dube on October 5th, 2021

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Skin Packaging Pricing: Rates And Factors

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Whether you are packaging food or some type of consumer goods, you have spent much time researching the different packaging materials for your product packaging needs.


You have considered many different packaging supplies, but you had to do a lot of searching before coming across carded packaging.


During that time, you discovered skin packaging. After reviewing the elements of skin packaging and what is involved when using these types of packaging materials, you decided that skin packs are the right packaging supplies for your current packaging project.


The only problem is that you are having trouble finding pricing information for skin packaging and each of the related products that make up a skin pack.


You have been frustrated that you cannot find this information and have been scouring the internet for this data to no avail.


However, your quest to find this information ends now.


With many decades in the packaging industry, Industrial Packaging has been consulting thousands of clients on the cost of skin packaging for years. And, we can do the same for you.


This article will explain how much skin packaging costs and describe the additional items that can impact that cost. After reading this article, you will know how much skin packaging costs and will be one step closer to purchasing.


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How Much Does Skin Packaging Cost?


The main element of skin packaging is the surlyn or skin poly film. With these types of flexible packaging films, the film is sold by the pound. On average, these films will cost between $4 - $6 per poundBut the required packaging films mentioned above are only one of the factors that make up the total cost of skin packaging.


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What Other Factors Affect The Total Cost Of Skin Packaging?


When it comes to pricing skin packs, the film choice is only one aspect of the total cost, albeit an essential and driving factor for that cost.


But, what are the other elements that will affect the total cost of your skin packaging materials? We will review each of these elements below so that you will have a better idea of how to calculate your total cost for your skin packs.


surlyn film width


1. Film Width


While the total cost of your surlyn or skin poly film primarily revolves around how many pounds of film you want to purchase, the width of the film you choose also impacts the cost. The wider the width of film you select, the more expensive your skin packaging will be.


Want to calculate your film width?

Calculate My Ideal Shrink Film Width





2. Film Gauge


The next factor that will affect the total cost of your skin packaging is the gauge of your chosen film. The gauge of the film is the thickness of the film. The thicker the film gauge, the more expensive your total cost for skin packs will be. 


One way to decrease your total cost of skin packaging is to down-gauge your film. By choosing a lower gauge of film, you can reduce the price of your skin packaging materials.


It should be noted; certain products may require a specific or higher gauge film. To determine the proper gauge for your products, you may want to speak with a packaging professional. That being said, you could always calculate your correct film gauge yourself. 


Show Me How To Determine My Ideal Film Gauge




3. Quantity Of Skin Packs


The quantity of skin packaging ordered will also affect the total cost of your order. In some cases, it is crucial to understand that there are price breaks for some types of skin packaging for higher quantities. So, depending on the material and volume that you order, you may be able to save some money by ordering larger quantities.


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4. Customization


Any customization on your skin packaging will increase the cost of the skin packs. These items may include branding, printing, graphics, and other customizable items. The price for custom elements is entirely case-sensitive on the customization you want and where these items are ordered from.


For example, when printing is involved, the cost will depend on the type of printing used as well as the font, graphic, color combinations and aesthetics you wish to use for your branding.




5. Minimum Order Requirements


Some vendors for surlyn and skin poly films will require a minimum quantity of materials to be ordered to make the purchase. Not all vendors will mandate minimum order requirements, but many will.



6. Skin Boards


Surlyn and skin poly films are an important aspect of skin packaging, but they are not the only material that makes up skin packs. The other type of material used in creating this type of packaging supply is skin board.


A skin board is a kind of paperboard backer on which the product being packaged is placed. Next, the surlyn or skin poly is placed over the product and backer before the air inside of the package is removed via vacuum sealing.


Some skin boards are coated with water-based sealants. Others may be printed with product information or branding. The cost of your skin packs will go up or down based upon the type of backer you choose and the additional related elements (for example, coatings and printing).


As such, the cost increase or decrease for your skin boards is entirely case sensitive on the options you choose for branding or lack thereof.


It should be noted that skin boards are sold per 1,000 pieces. Prices vary depending on the quantity ordered. You may be able to find price breaks on larger quantity orders. The specific amount for price breaks is dependent on the vendor you choose to purchase your boards from.


How To Calculate Your Cost For Skin Packaging


Now you know how much skin packaging films cost. And you understand the other factors that affect the total cost of your skin packaging. But, you are probably wondering how to calculate your cost for skin packaging.


To begin this process, you first need to calculate your film width. With the free calculator linked below, you can do this with ease.


The calculator is designed for shrink film but can also be used to determine your surlyn or skin poly film width. Simply select any of the machinery options if you do not know what type of machinery you use and fill out the rest of the form.


With this calculator, you will be able to determine your ideal film width for your surlyn or skin poly film. From here, you will be able to add this to your total cost and determine how much your skin packaging will cost you.


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