With 2017 merely days away, it's a great time for reflection on the past year and all that has been achieved, and all that we have learned. Exactly 366 days ago, I released the top 7 blogs of 2015, based on popularity. For the end of 2016, I've decided to share the top blog posts that had the most impact all-around. In honor of brevity, I've honed the list down to the top 5 most share-able, most engaging blogs of the year, so please like, comment, and share:

The 2016 Best of the Blog:

After compiling & analyzing all of our blogging data, here are the most viewed, revisited, and shared posts from the past year:

1.) From The Desk Of Our CEO: The ALS 2"x4"..ALS ONE foundation for a cure to ALS

ALS, (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), is a crushing progressive neurodegenerative disease with no cure or treatment as of today. Kevin Gosnell, our CEO's dear friend & and founder of ALS ONE, lost his battle with ALS in August this year. When Kevin was diagnosed, he founded ALS ONE, a foundation that has brought together the top doctors researchers with a common goal to cure or find treatment for ALS by 2020. Click here to make a donation to ALS ONE and aid in finding a cure or treatment for ALS.

2.) Shrink Wrap: PVC, Polyethylene, or Polyolefin?


This blog is one of the most visited of 2016, and gives a clear run-down on all that is important to understanding flexible films for packaging. Check out the main differences and uses for the 3 poly's in plastic!

3.) Video Blog: What are Point-of-Purchase Displays?


Our first video blog was one of the most popular of the year! Jarrod explains what a point-of-purchase display (POP display) is and how you can drive revenue with a retail stand-alone display of your own at the market, and how we can help!

4.) What Does Your Package Color Mean To Consumers?

the color of your packaging.png

A unique look at how the colors used for your retail packaging drive consumer buying habits, and what each color represents based on consumer research. Who knew that color had such an impact on a buying decision!

5.) Reduce Sticking Pallets with One-Sided Cling Stretch Wrap

Choose a different cling for your stretch film and reduce damage

Shipping damage and sticky pallets can drive your costs up quite a bit, but you can mitigate this with a look at the cling of your stretch wrap. Choosing a one-sided cling can help keep your pallets from sticking together!

BONUS: Understanding Shrink Film Costs


This blog was written in 2015, but the math still holds true! This post is in the top 6 most-viewed in 2016, and for good reason. See the math that drives your packaging costs,  understand what your cost-per-package is and how you can reduce it!

That's A Wrap

2016 has been filled with great blogs and ideas for Industrial Packaging and for our customers & readers. Here's to a prosperous 2017 and bringing more excellent content your way in 2017!


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