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By: Nathan Dube on February 21st, 2023

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Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap: Applications And Uses

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Are you looking for a colored stretch wrap? You can find it in many places. Are you looking for the best colored stretch wrap?


If the answer to my second question was "yes," you can only get what you are looking for from a packaging distributor such as Industrial Packaging.


Now, you are probably wondering, what makes Spectrum Colored Stretch wrap superior to many of the other wraps on the market?


First and foremost, the answer is quality.


Of course, you will want to know what applications this wrap is best suited for; luckily for you, that is precisely what this article is about.


After reading this article, you will know if steelflex spectrum colored stretch wrap is the suitable flexible packaging wrap for your needs!


What Is Steelflex Colored Stretch Wrap?



Steelflex colored stretch wrap is one of the best colored stretch wraps on the market. Boasting superior haze, tear propagation, and pre-stretch when compared to many competitors, it is an ultra-high quality stretch film used for various applications, as explored below.


What Is Colored Stretch Wrap?


Colored stretch wrap (also known as colored stretch film, color stretch film, and color stretch wrap) is a type of stretch film that is used for various applications, including international color coding.


Colored stretch wraps contain colors that are added to the plastic formulations used to manufacture the film. In addition to their use as international color coding tools, they are also commonly used to simplify inventory processes and storage.


Their bright colors can be used to wrap specific products making them easy to identify in a warehouse or wherever they are stored.


Why Choose Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap?


Now there are many brands of stretch wrap on the market, but you really can't do better than Alliance Plastic's steelflex spectrum colored stretch wrap.


But what makes this particular brand of stretch wrap superior to many others? That, my friends, comes down to three items.


These include better test results than competitors when comparing haze, tear propagation, and pre-stretch. In the section below, we will review each of these items to show why that when it comes to colored stretch wrap, steelflex spectrum is most likely the best choice for your business!


Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap: ASTM D-1003 Haze Test Results


The video above is right in the conviction that not all colored machine stretch wraps are equal. And this is not our personal opinion but a fact.


A fact that is shown in the ASTM D-1003 Haze Test is that Alliance Plastics' steelflex spectrum colored stretch wrap is, in fact, the superior film when compared to the competitor's offering.


Our steelflex spectrum blue colored stretch wrap resulted in a 2.5 times higher reading than the top competitor's film was able to accomplish.


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Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap: ESTL Tear Propagation Test At 250% Stretch


This is a particularly impressive test result, as 250% stretch is an intense test of any film's grit and ability to handle tricky corners on palleted products.


But once again, our steelflex spectrum blue-colored stretch film comes out on top compared to the top competitor's film.


In this test, the longer it takes for the film to break, the better.


So it was no surprise to us when our blue steelflex spectrum colored stretch wrap lasted almost five times as long before breakage as the competing material.


While this film is not the strongest stretch film in the world, as far as colored stretch wrap is concerned, it is undoubtedly a top contender!


Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap: 270% Pre-Stretch On A Stretch Wrapper Test


The final test saw our blue steelflex spectrum 63 gauge colored stretch film successfully wrap a pallet after being loaded onto a stretch wrapper and set to a pre-stretch at 270%.


While our film could still wrap the pallet, the competing film failed. Once again, showing that when it comes to colored stretch film, steelflex spectrum is the film of choice for those looking for the best!


Who Uses Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap?


Many different types of consumer goods companies turn to steelflex spectrum colored stretch wrap for applications, including the following.


  • International color coding
  • Brand identification
  • Product identification
  • Tamper evident packaging
  • Pallet differentiation
  • Transit coding 
  • Aesthetic differentiation 


Regardless of which application you are looking to implement your chosen colored stretch wrap for, steelflex spectrum colored stretch wrap is sure to please.


What Are The Benefits Of Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap?


There are various benefits of using our steelflex spectrum colored stretch film. Still, this stretch film's main benefits and features include the following items.


  •  Available colors: black, white, red, blue, green, orange, yellow
  •  Available in hand & machine film options  
  •  Ultra high-performance hand & machine wrap options


Where Can You Purchase Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap?


After reading this article, you can compare this film to a few others in an effort to choose the best film for your business.


And you are likely wondering where you can purchase this stretch film if you decide that it is the brand of stretch film that is right for your needs.


If that is the case, then you need to note that you cannot buy this film directly from the manufacturer, Alliance Plastics.


You can only purchase this film through packaging distributors chosen by Alliance to sell their film. And as it just so happens, Industrial Packaging is one of those distribution partners.


Want More Information On Steelflex Spectrum Colored Stretch Wrap?


If you have any questions about this material that has not been answered in this post, don't fret. Our packaging experts are here to help!


They can answer any questions you have about this particular colored stretch film and can provide you with pricing based on your needs and the volume of film that you require.


All you need to do is click that link and fill out that form and one of our packaging experts will contact you directly!


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