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By: David Roberge on February 16th, 2017

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3 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Packaging Design

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Deciding how you will package your product is one of the most important decisions to make in branding (or rebranding) your company. After all, few things can make or break a sale like presentation, and packaging is the most critical part of your product's presentation to your customers. Additionally, packaging must protect your product against damage, be cost-efficient, and properly advertise your brand. With so much riding on your product's packaging, here are the top three things you should consider before choosing a packaging design:

More Than Just a Label: The Importance of Branding

Your packaging says as much about your brand as the product itself. Through variations ofcolors, shapes, fonts, and textures, the right packaging can convey a message about the personality and purpose of your brand. You might think some of these decisions are trivial or arbitrary, but they can actually have a big impact on product sales. In particular, studies show that different colors can evoke very different feelings in consumers. For example, orange packaging is often associated with fun or low-cost products, whereas black packaging represents luxury. Fortunately, there is plenty of room to set yourself apart. You may want to consider a unique package shape or an intricate design such as metallic foil stamps, varnishes, or embossing.

Throughout the design process, you will also want to make sure your packaging advertises your brand for what it really is. Customers have certain expectations about how the packaging for certain products will look. For example, the cleaning product Fabuloso drew a lot of criticism for being put in a package that made it look like a soft drink. With the right packaging design, though, you can accurately convey to your customers what your product is and set yourself apart from the crowd.

Packaging Performance Matters as Much as Product Performance

Packaging has a life cycle that extends beyond the shelf; it therefore must have functionality that extends beyond the shelf as well. Customers are picky about the packaging their product comes in, and a poor experience can turn them off of your brand.

In an insightful study done by the FPA (Flexible Packaging Association) and Harris Poll, consumers reported that the top three most important elements to a good package are that it is:

  • 1. Easy to Store (66%)
  • 2. Resealable (65%)
  • 3. Easy to Open (60%)

It's therefore important to design a package that fits all of these criteria. You must also consider the life cycle your packaging will have before it even makes it to the shelf. Depending on your product, your packaging may have to be exceptionally durable or offer a high degree of protection from shock, water, and other elements that could damage your product. All of these things mean that the performance of your packaging is as important as the performance of the product itself.

Sustainable Materials Have Ecological and Financial Benefits

In recent years, there has been a huge shift toward using sustainable materials in packaging. Knowing where your packaging materials are sourced from can help you improve your brand's sustainability index score. For example, using post-consumer recycled materials in your packaging can reduce demand for primary resources and therefore protect the environment.

The flexible packaging we use at Industrial Packaging is more eco-friendly and functional than traditional glass or cardboard containers in that it improves the sustainability index score of your company, boosts the image of your brand in the eyes of environmentally conscious customers, reduces material costs, and simplifies storage.

If you would like to make the switch the to our eco-friendly, flexible packaging, be sure to check out our shrink film width calculator.

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