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By: Nathan Dube on September 30th, 2021

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Manual Strapping Material Cost: Understanding Price

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After comparing the different types of strapping material, you have decided that you do not want to invest in automatic strapping machinery. You have further agreed that manual strapping is the best choice for your strapping needs.


You have your tensioner tool in hand, and you are ready to get strapping! The only problem is, you are having trouble finding concrete pricing for manual strapping material.


You have found that pricing information for your chosen strapping material on other websites is shoddy and confusing at best.


You are frustrated because you are excited and ready to start strapping your products and getting them to market as quickly as possible.


But, you can't seem to get a straight answer from any other vendors you have reached out to for your specific manual strapping costs. And, many of these vendors are trying to push you in front of salespeople that you do not want to talk with!


The nerve! Am I right?


Don't worry; we will not give you vague pricing or attempt to force you in front of one of our lovely sales team members. No, we are going to provide you with precisely what you are looking for and nothing else.


With over 65 years in the packaging industry, we know how some companies will force you to jump through hoops to get straight pricing information without any nonsense. And, we know how annoying that is!


This article is going to  provide you with the price for manual strapping material. After reading this article, you will have everything you need to continue with your manual strapping purchase.


How Much Does Manual Strapping Cost?


How Much Does Manual Strapping Material Cost?


Manual strapping costs $14.40-$72 per roll. However, the cost per roll is not the only element that affects the total cost of your manual strapping materials purchase price. Other items can increase or decrease your total cost for your specific strapping materials order.


What Elements Affect The Cost Of Manual Strapping Materials?

strapping material roll length

1. Roll Length


The length of the roll of manual strapping material that you choose will affect the total cost of your strapping materials order. The longer the roll, the more expensive your total cost will be. Manual strapping roll lengths average between 7,200'-9,000'. It should be noted; the price is based per 1,000'.


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strapping material width


2. Strapping Material Width


The width of your strapping material will also affect the total purchase price of your order. Simply put, the wider the width of manual strapping material that you choose, the more expensive your total cost will be.


printed strapping material


3. Printing And Graphics


With manual strapping, you can buy it as printed strapping material. By getting your manual strapping material printed, you can add colors and typography to your strapping. 


This allows you to add unique branding, warnings, and product information on your strapping.


This gives your customers the ability to receive additional information about your brand and products before they even open the strapped containers.


You should be aware that adding additional colors, graphics, typography, and branding will increase the cost of your strapping material.


strapping material break point


3. Breakpoint In Pounds


The breakpoint is the number of pounds of product strapped, at which point the strapping will break. Generally speaking, the higher the strapping's breakpoint, the more expensive the strapping will be.


Are There Any Other Items That Can Affect The Price Of Manual Strapping Material?


Additional elements that can affect the cost of your strapping material include the chosen type of strapping material as well as the color and coil size of the strapping you choose.


In this respect, every strapping order is entirely case-sensitive and dependent upon your specific metrics for each item listed in this article.


calculate cost of strapping material


How Can You Calculate The Cost And Volume Of Your Strapping Materials?


Now you know all of the elements that will affect the total price of your required manual strapping materials. But, you are probably wondering, how can you calculate the cost and volume for your specific strapping materials order?


Would you like to learn how to make these calculations? If you answered yes, you will probably want to read this follow-up article, How To Calculate The Cost And Volume Of Your Strapping Materials.


With the information in this article, you will have everything you need to calculate your exact cost for your manual strapping materials order.


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