Outsourcing & Embedded Co-Packing: Say Goodbye to Labor Force Worries..

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Take Labor Force Out of your Constraints

Outsource your labor force and focus on your core competenciesFinding and maintaining the optimal labor force is a key element your business's success. Hiring the wrong worker can be one of the most costly things you can do. If you’re running a production facility with a lot of people, the chances of hiring the wrong worker is increased. Imagine a warehouse full of the “wrong” people. It keeps me up at night! We need to get people in here, and we need them trained quickly. What can we do? 

Here are some options:


When people think of Outsourcing they think of shipping the work their own people can do elsewhere because it’s a cheaper alternative. In most cases that’s not true. Outsourcing allows you to leverage a skilled labor pool, as well as available line time. Our Supply Chain Services division has a diverse portfolio of customers, allowing us to retain a quality workforce with a variety of skills. When your project arrives, we have a labor pool that we can shift, rather than start from scratch. 

Embedded Co-Packing

Perhaps the idea of sending out your product sends chills down your spine. But at the same time you have no desire to hire additional people. With an Embedded Co-Packer you can retain control of your product, and allow us to assume the responsibility of the labor pool. You still get the benefits of a fixed-cost partnership, and the security of holding your product. An Embedded Co-Packer becomes an extension of your facility and is a true partnership.

Hiring is a stressful and time consuming event that most managers don’t look forward to, but it doesn’t all have to be bad. Outsourcing is a great way to ramp up production, meet your customers demand, and keep quality standards without adding a single person.

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