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By: Nathan Dube on January 24th, 2023

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Save Up To 50% On Stretch Film With Us Over THAT Online Store

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Are you looking for reasonable pricing on stretch film? Industrial Packaging may be the right packaging company for your business.


With that being said, I am confident that you buy at least some of your stretch film from online stores and other packaging vendors.


Specifically, there is one store we have in mind regarding many consumers' most common stretch film suppliers.


While we cannot mention the name of this business for various reasons, we can say that the company's name rhymes with "U-pine" (You Pine).


We would not be surprised if you buy some or all of your stretch film from this business. Many buyers assume that the pricing you get on this company's website is some of the best prices available.


We have some good news if you are currently buying from this online store; as we will show today, our prices for stretch film are significantly lower. 


In this article, we will review the many reasons why you would want to consider switching from (lets call them "That Online Store") to Industrial Packaging for your stretch film purchases.


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Why Choose Industrial Packaging Over That Online Store For Stretch Film?


Millions of consumers turn to That Online Store to purchase their stretch film and related supplies. And that is for a good reason.


Their simple-to-navigate website makes it easy to browse and purchase thousands of products. They aim to provide the best quality products along with the best value.


They provide an easy reordering process and have knowledgeable and friendly service representatives who can help you find what you need and handle any problems you may have.


That Online Store also offers rebates and deals in addition to fun kickbacks like mugs and other promotional items. But one of the main reasons many people choose to buy stretch film from That Online Store is because they have great prices.


And when compared to many vendors, this is true. However, while it may come as a surprise, we here at Industrial Packaging can offer significantly better pricing on stretch film when compared to the pricing provided by That Online Store.


And there are various other benefits of ordering from Industrial Packaging instead of That Online Store. In the section below, we will review some of these benefits.


Need help buying stretch film?

Show Me The Complete Guide To Stretch Film!


We Can Save You Almost 50% Off That Online Store's  Stretch Film Prices!


Yes, you read that right, 50%! Of all the reasons to switch from buying your stretch film from Industrial Packaging rather than That Online Store, this is one of the best reasons for doing so.


While it may be a shock, we can significantly undercut the costs you will pay at That Online Store and provide you with incredible cost savings.


And while this is only one benefit of doing business with Industrial Packaging, it should be one of the most motivating factors in deciding which of our companies you will be buying packaging from.


Stretch film U!ine headerstretch film comparision


Buying Stretch Film From A Distributor Is Not An Option Many Know About


For many people who buy stretch film for their business, buying from a packaging distributor like Industrial Packaging is not an opportunity they even know exists.


Pretty much everyone knows that you can buy stretch film from online stores like That Online Store. But, many people do not consider the fact that they can also buy from a packaging distributor or packaging manufacturer.


Packaging distributors are primarily brand agnostic. This means that they sell multiple brands of the same product. This allows a distributor to help you choose the best brand of stretch film for your unique needs.


Get The Brand Of Stretch Film You Need Rather Than What They Offer


While That Online Store only offers you one brand of product (theirs), packaging distributors like Industrial Packaging can help you find the best material suited for your budget, application, and packaging line.


When you buy from Industrial Packaging, we provide you with the film that best fits your unique requirements. When ordering from That Online Store, you get the film they carry, whether it's the best option for your business or not.


But this is only one reason you would want to choose a packaging distributor like industrial packaging.


Buying Stretch From Industrial Packaging Gives You Access To Service Techs


If you buy stretch film from That Online Store and you get a jam on your stretch wrapper, calling them and asking for technical service will not get you far.


But, when you buy your stretch film from Industrial Packaging, you can call us for any packaging machinery problems, and we will send out a technician to help remedy any issues you may have!


Tell Us What You Like About Ordering Stretch Film From That Online Store


Some customers prefer using That Online Store for the rewards they get (such as a free coffee mug with purchases over a certain amount). Or, it could be the easy reordering process the company offers.


Whatever it is you enjoy most about the That Online Store's shopping experience, let us know. We may be able to adapt to those elements and offer similar experiences.


If saving up to 50% is not enough of an incentive to switch to Industrial Packaging, let us know what is, and we will see if we can accommodate your preferred shopping experience.


Are You Ready To Save Money On Stretch Film?


After reading this article, you are probably thinking about saving up to 50% on your next order of stretch film. If that is the case, please get in touch with one of our packaging specialists.


They will be able to help you choose the appropriate brand, width, and gauge of film that is best suited for your specific needs and budget.


And if you are looking for any other types of stretch films, they can assist you with that as well. If we do not carry what you are looking for, we can help you to find a vendor who does.


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