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By: Nathan Dube on November 21st, 2019

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Industrial Packaging: Top 5 Blog Posts of 2019

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Here at Industrial Packaging, we pride ourselves on many things, but "greatness" is perhaps one of the most important. Taking a back seat only to safety, greatness is a word that embodies everything we do. We try to invoke greatness in customer service, sales, marketing, community service, charity, education and environmental pursuits. In the article below, we will explore our most read blog posts of 2019. Those blog posts which embody... Greatness.



1. Shrink Wrap: The Differences Between PVC, Polyolefin, And Polyethylene


In what is perhaps our all time greatest blog post to date (cheers, Dave!) we have a true knowledge base of wisdom on shrink film. This has been, hands down, the most read blog post on our blog since it's inception. This is for good reason. While shrink film is a an extremely common packaging material, many companies often make mistakes along the way in choosing the correct type of shrink film for their particular needs.


There are few companies who can literally call themselves experts in regards to this particular substrate, and while we are always striving to be more informed and educated on our own materials, you will be hard pressed to find a better starting point than this blog post to educate yourself about this (dare we say) miraculous material.


Truth be told, there are a host of very important differences between each type of shrink film and choosing the wrong one for your needs can result in potentially serious problems. Other than our complete guide to shrink film, you will not find a better starting point to choosing the best type of shrink film for your packaging line.


Want To Learn More About Shrink Film?

Show Me The Complete Guide To Shrink Film!


2. Common Shrink Wrap Problems and How To Solve Them


When it comes to running shrink film on your packaging line, just as it is with anything else, problems can arise. From choosing the wrong gauge of film or perhaps using the wrong bag length, there is a host of problems that can occur with this material. Thankfully, we have our second most popular blog post of 2019...


In this post we discuss some of the most common problems that you can run into when running shrink film on your packaging line and break down each issue in easy to understand dynamics. With the information in this post you will learn how to fix shrink film problems including:


  • Dog Ears On Shrink Wrap
  • Crow's Feet On Shrink Wrap
  • Fish Eyes On Shrink Wrap
  • Angel Hair On Shrink Wrap
  • Ballooning Shrink Wrap
  • Splitting Seals On Shrink Wrap


3. Why It Pays To Use Sustainable Packaging Materials


As we move into the year 2020, one of the biggest trends that we will continue to see take center stage in the packaging industry is environmental concerns, sustainability, bio-polymers, plant based plastics and earth friendly flexible packaging supplies.


From recyclable shrink and stretch films to shrink alternatives made from rice, packaging supplies that reduce or eliminate our impact on planet earth will inevitably rise to top of the food chain within our industry as time moves on. With that in mind, it comes as no surprise that our 3rd most popular blog post of 2019 focuses on the use of sustainable packaging materials and consumer demand for these types of products.


In a world that may be turning back to the business model of the milkman, you can be sure that your customers will be asking for environmentally friendly packaging alternatives more and more as we head into the 20s. And while sustainability experiments such as LOOP may or may not produce the desired results, the higher costs associated with such endeavors may well be a turn-off for some.


Until such alternatives are commercially viable, flexible packaging supplies remain the most environmentally friendly options for the time being.


4. Guide To Product Packaging For The Food Industry


When it comes to food packaging, its safety first! Ensuring that your products are both protected and safe to consume "takes the cake" over all other dynamics of food packaging. From food allergies to FDA regulations, packaging in the food industry is serious business.


Clocking in at #4, this blog post is packed with need-to-know information about packaging supplies, protection, regulations, and the most important dynamics of packaging food. In this post we discuss questions such as:


  • Do you know all the ingredients of your food products?
  • What kind of preservatives will you need to keep things fresh?
  • Are there any allergens you need to warn people about?


Armed with the wisdom within, you will be able to start your journey in understanding the complexities of packaging food and the various dynamics of protection, safety and regulatory practices. There is a lot you need to understand before getting involved in food which is perhaps one of the largest markets in the realm of packaging.


5. How To Choose The Right Packaging For Your Product


So, you have a product. You are ready to go to market. But which type of packaging should you choose for your products? Investing time and consideration into your packaging will ensure that you have all the appropriate bullet points checked off. Choose wisely and you will have your products flying off the shelves into the hands of adoring customers. Choose wrong and you could wind up with a PR problem...


In our 5th most popular blog post of 2019 we take a deeper dive into the various dynamics of choosing the proper packaging for your products. Topics in this post include:





And there you have it folks! Our top 5 blog posts of 2019. As we gear up to head into 2020, these items will give you some indication of what the top concerns about packaging are going to be. Whether you are interested in safety, load containment, visibility, sustainability, protection, materials or machinery, you can be sure that we will be producing new content on the topics that matter most to the world of packaging.


If you have any questions about the topics above, feel free to reach out to us directly. Our packaging materials and machinery experts are always interested in helping to answer your questions and provide guidance to the appropriate solutions for whatever your particular packaging needs may be.


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